Duty of Care

Quality, security and safety are emblems we cherish. From the outset of the business these values have resonated with us so vulnerable bathers are protected. It began with the founding Farmiloe brothers recognising and sympathising with the end user – now evolved and diversified into specialisms across a diverse spectrum of needs. Since the Group launched into long-term care during the 1990’s its responsibilities have become even more acute. Every brand in the Group is underpinned by a compassionate ethos, an essence that is constituently present at DNA level.

Our duty is to supply solutions that are exceptional. Good enough is not in our vocabulary. We understand product design, quality and installation have to excel in every respect so that vulnerable users are safe. Our products must not fail. Our unrelenting mission to provide assistive products that protect bathers will never falter. A strong promise that we have confidence to deliver.

Innovations such as a world’s first in antimicrobial bathing protection, advanced ergonomics and stimulating features all reinforce our duty of care to bather and carer. Safer moving and handling, maximised reassurance and lower risk are our key drivers. We pro-actively analyse products in the field and invite frontline experts to share elevator developments at our manufacturing facility. From focus groups to daily engagement with Occupational Therapists, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group is able to leverage its expertise and partnership for clinical excellence of the highest order.

Duty of Care goes beyond the bather and carer, we see the definition as wider and deeper than that.
We take our corporate social responsibilities seriously outside of healthcare, with an attitude that ascends convention. Valuing employees is only the beginning, we take it further. We nurture and develop skills and belief through training and pastoral support – motivating the provision of better services and product. Add to this sustainability and environmental programmes to cut waste and carbon footprint, the depth of our duty of care is clear to see.

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