Our hallmark has been excellence since 1988. In actual fact, our knowledge spans beyond that, back through time to the 1970s. Originally conceived by three Farmiloe brothers, the Gainsborough Healthcare Group began life as a business developing luxury spa and deep soaking baths.

From the very beginning the Farmiloes, a renowned tour de force, adopted a viewpoint that put the requirements of the customer first. This ethos identified a need for easier bath access amongst individuals with reduced mobility. Inception of the Walk-in Bath quickly followed – establishing strong foundations for today’s multi-dimensional business. This continual focus on listening, engaging and solving the needs of the bather are more prevalent than ever within the Gainsborough Healthcare Group.

For over 30 years our products have been proudly manufactured in a location steeped in tradition and history. Walsall in the West Midlands has always been at the heart of UK manufacturing ever since the Industrial Revolution of the 1750’s. The ‘Black Country’ is a place of passion, strength and personality – breeding hardworking individuals full of loyalty and pride. This inherent DNA is what makes each Gainsborough solution so special.

The heritage and strength of our Group is what empowers our innovation. We have the depth and knowledge to drive change through complete control of the bath provision process. Decades of international experience feed into every aspect of our business so that we have the widest possible expertise to deliver effective care and dignity. Synergised with the continuity of family-run qualities, the business is still very much a Farmiloe-inspired entity. A deep-rooted belief in providing life enhancing bathing – conceived over 50 years ago and polarised today through three individual brands. A tradition for keeping the customer in mind will always be our legacy.

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