Gainsborough Healthcare Group has been, and will always be, innovators. We are not just theorists who conceptualise and debate change, we deliver change. Spanning decades our organisation has pioneered multiple milestones responsible for raising the bar throughout the care industry. Pure ideation based on free thinking, an attitude that believes anything is possible and not bound by technicalities. From the beginnings of the walk-in bath concept bath to the introduction of hi-lo functionality, Gainsborough has been at the forefront of advancement. Originality in creation has witnessed the birth of many patented concepts focused 100% on the needs of the bather.

We know a continual stream of new solutions is the lifeblood of any successful specialist. Our innovation programme continues to accelerate building on unsurpassed foundations. The Gainsborough Healthcare Group has a keen fascination on the point where the downstream needs of the customer meet the upstream of innovation. This is where we create change through real ideation – pioneering design that is connected to the needs of reality.

Consider our Gainsborough brand and you will see world-class enhancements in performance, hygiene and ergonomics that deliver value and care beyond convention. World-class innovations that reduce utility consumption, improve care efficiencies and combat ever-growing microbial infection. Whether our first or second-generation range is scrutinised, there is no doubt each solution is truly inventive.

Then there is Abacus and its proven Gemini bath – the unique double-lift solution that enriches the lives of families everywhere. We have been the driving force behind its complete redesign – pioneering away from hydraulics to electrics to deliver a cleaner and quieter bathing experience. This prowess for design transformation continues with our Access walk-in-baths as we seek bathing perfection for those with restricted mobility. The arena we operate in is emotive and motivation – individuals young and mature who deserve equality. This is what empowers our innovative spirit.

Hearing, seeing and engaging with customers, healthcare professionals and specialist suppliers gives us the invaluable insight for evolution. We actively reach out for education and learning that feeds progressive R&D and a deeper understanding of future needs. Our mixed gender design team have the ability to consider challenges from all angles – a rare asset in the world of masculine engineering.

So indeed what does the future hold? The Gainsborough Healthcare Group believes integrated smart technology will be critical to next generation solutions. With this in mind our thrust will increase towards deliverables that leverage hi-tech thinking in a new a different way – commanding our position as the thought leader.

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