We are a strong Group organisation with clear and defined specialisms. We are not all things to all people. You may consider our individual brands as separate businesses within one family – each with specific solutions and services that meet the needs of specific audiences. Gainsborough Healthcare Group is more than a specialist manufacturer and provider of quality specialist baths. Remember, an accessible bath is not just an accessible bath. If designed to excel, it can be a life enhancing solution that changes lives and opens up new opportunities for rehabilitation, achievement and joy.

From the very beginning, Gainsborough Healthcare Group has listened to end users. We engage, strive to understand and then task ourselves to bring to market products that enhance independence and safety. We solve challenges at the very heart of living with disability; helping bathers and those around them to flourish and thrive. Every situation is different. This is why our assessment-led ethos requires teams with specialist skill sets to ensure appropriate outcomes for all. From considered dementia design to fun paediatric features, every field needs a specialist approach; we do this in abundance.

We have a dynamic education programme across the business that empowers procurement personnel, clinical professionals and consumers to make an informed decision. Precision and qualified information to steer and encourage the right bath provision and care. Our frontline members work hand-in-hand with everyone involved with disability – close cooperation and clear communication focused on delivering individualised solutions.

As a specialist manufacturer the Gainsborough Healthcare Group has authority as it brings together a complete value chain. This ability to join up every aspect of bath design, manufacture, installation and after-care delivers a huge advantage – from healthcare groups to parents with a disabled child. We control our offering efficiently and effectively here in the UK resulting in an adaptable service that meets specific needs fast. We are an established manufacturer with widespread service provision; we are not simply box shifters. A holistic offering of quality-controlled products that consistently strive to safeguard future care.

Craftsmanship flows throughout every aspect of the manufacturing process with the utmost attention to detail. A personal touch to every product – borne through true empathy and a connection with why we do what we do. Specialism is a cultural requisite of all within Gainsborough Healthcare Group.

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