Our solutions are proven, this why we are trusted. The Gainsborough Healthcare Group has a holistic offering that champions confidence in the market place through outstanding product reliability and performance. Gainsborough, Abacus and Access baths are relied upon to provide trustworthy solutions that are safe for vulnerable bathers. Through several decades of experience, we know what works and what will achieve life enhancing bathing. We are Europe’s largest manufacturer of specialist baths with a track record for pioneering innovations since the 1980’s. Thought leadership instils confidence…confidence generates belief…belief becomes trust. Customers believe in our products as we continue to strive for ultimate perfection.

Our focus on safety and uncompromised performance is unsurpassed. Rigorous, ruthless testing is the norm during our manufacturing process. Quality reigns in Walsall. Our established workforce shine with traditional skills that meet hi-tech understanding and advanced homologation. Gainsborough Healthcare Group products exhibit greater quality through hands-on, personalised craftsmanship that ensure dependable durability for every high-demand situation. We work with several regulatory bodies such as MRHA, KIWA and CHAS so we display qualified competency.

Trust is not just earnt from quality product provision, it is created through service excellence. We are a safe pair of hands that can be relied upon to provide answers that exceed expectations. Whether that be clinical benefits, commercial advantages or simply helping a child to smile, we are all about delivering a difference that is dependable. Exemplary customer feedback is testament to this proven track record – peace of mind is the result. This customer commitment is achieved time and time again nevertheless issues can arise. However, this is when a business truly demonstrates its metal. We have integrity and will never walk away until the solution is found, this is why we are trusted.

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Care England Supplier Member
30 Years of Expertise
Made in the UK