The Gainsborough Healthcare Group has always been visionary. Original conceptualisation by the Farmiloe brothers began during the 1970’s and this entrepreneurial spirit lives on throughout the business. They envisaged the future and with fearless adventurism they instigated on a journey of discovery. Their strength of character and strong beliefs delivered a difference culminating in new solutions never seen before. These baths signified a breakthrough in inclusion and equality – opening up a new world of comfort and enjoyment for people irrespective of ability.

As the decades have passed, innovations have continued to be engrained in the company timeline. Throughout history Gainsborough Healthcare Group has never lost sight of the bather and the challenges to overcome. Combine with more contemporary considerations for the carer and the holistic attitude to total care becomes apparent.

As Gainsborough pioneers into the future it will continue to be ahead of the curve so future challenges will be met with considered and effective services and solutions – from cradle to grave. As frontline commercial and clinical pressures continue to grow, the need for ultra-efficiency, adaptability and durability becomes ever more critical. We will deliver this with a view that others will follow. Industry standards will rise through our torch bearing approach and we believe a new clarion Gainsborough voice will emerge.

The future is positive for our customers. Our vision is to amplify Gainsborough excellence beyond all others, so care, dignity and well-being exceeds convention. Aesthetics will become even more paramount and new smart technologies are already on the horizon. We intend to invigorate care provision through intensified innovation that ascends all that has been achieved before.

We will ensure life enhancing bathing is a reality for all.

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